How to Make Your Home Easier to Manage

People who opt for the ‘tidy up’ approach when tackling clutter are actually rearranging rather than organizing, and sooner or later the clutter builds up. Then you have to clear it up all over again. So remember the old adage- a place for everything and everything in its place.

To simplify things, think of the activities you and your family like to do in each room, and designate storage areas for items used for each activity. For instance, DVDs should be kept near the TV in a drawer or a basket, and your kid’s toys should be placed in a toy bin at their play area. This way, it helps family members know where items should be returned to later.

Maximize your space

  • At the entry way, assign a shelf for each family member and use a basket to hold items they want to grab before they leave.
  • Install hooks onto walls for holding bags and other items.
  • Consider having movable furniture or furniture with multiple uses, like a footstool with hidden storage.
  • Opt for a wall mounted flatscreen LCD or plasma TV, if space is tight.
  • In the storeroom, consider fixing some free-standing shelves to create more compartments. They are great for keeping household utilities like spare light bulbs, extension cord, plugs or spare vacuum cleaner bags.

Find Storage In Unusual Places

  • The empty space underneath the stairs is a great place to consider building a cupboard or storage unit to keep your stuff.
  • If you have free walls, try fixing up shelves for displaying items.
  • Some houses also have alcoves that can be used as extra storage spaces.

Iron Out Your Clothes

Daunted at having to sort out the entire closet? Then tackle it an armful at a time. Grab some clothes that you haven’t worn in a long time and try them on in front of a full- length mirror. Keep those that fit, are still in style, and don’t need major alterations or repairs. Donate the rest of the pieces that don’t make cut!

Keep your closet organized with these easy tips:

  • Keep the clothes that you wear most frequently within easy reach.
  • Shelves should be adjustable, and arranged in a way which serves your individual storing requirements.
  • If the shelves are deep, you may want to consider installing sliding drawers.
  • Compartmentalize closet drawers to create more space. These compartments can be used to store jewelery, undergarments and socks.
  • Invest in sturdy, well- built hangers. It’s help your clothes keep its shape longer and it’s also easier to organize.
  • It’s good to leave about 10 to 20 percent of extra space for future purchases and storing needs.

Ways To Keep It Organized

-Use a plastic cutlery tray to organized all your cutlery and eating utensils.

  • Designate a drawer to keep all loose items like aluminum foil, plastic wrap and food storage bags.
  • Build kitchen cabinets all the way up to the ceiling to create more storage space.
  • Free up cupboard space by installing extra fittings or hooks, wire baskets or hanging racks on the backs of doors.

Conquer Your Paperwork

We all receive bill and letters which tend to pile up, only to get stuffed into drawers which we then spend precious time searching through later. Set up a command central area where important records like bills, receipts, income tax forms and school reports are filled up and organized. You could also pin up a calendar for the whole family’s activities, have a menu list and keep your stationery here.

Bathroom Decluttering Checklist

  • Go through your bathroom cabinets and sort through all the items inside. Discard any medicine, prescription or cream that is past its expiry date.
  • Also remember to bin any beauty products over a year old.
  • Use smart and compact holders to keep toiletries like your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, combs in place.
  • Install towel hooks on a section of the wall to hang towels.
  • Keep dirty clothes separated in a clothes basket with dividers. Or places three baskets in a row and label them for whites, colors, and knits and delicates.
  • Give each family member a laundry bag to keep their dirty socks in. This will save your time trying to sort them out later.

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